Exciting News About LONGBOARD RANCH

It is with great pride of accomplishment, (which wouldn't have been possible without tremendous support from Loyd Davis, Chris Ireland, Mike Peake of Wally Sound, Corvette Sandy, Unsteady Freddie, Clint Beechwood, Les Perry, The Great Kahuna, Phil Dirt, and our friends and families) that LONGBOARD RANCH announces the following nominations received in 2006:

1. Best Surf Band of 2006 - (The Orange County Music Awards) The Award was presented to The Reventlos, but, hey, 2007 is another year, and another chance at this prestigious award!

2. Best Surf Song 2006 – Killer Zuma (by Bruce Duncan) from "Longboard Ranch Rides Again!" CD

3. Best Surf Song 2006 – Scuba (by Loyd Davis) from "Surfin' Out West" CD

4. Best Surf Album 2006 – "Longboard Ranch Rides Again!"
Nominations 2, 3, and 4 are for the "Just Plain Folks" Awards. These Awards will be announced and presented on November 4, 2006. A link to their website:


Words are inadequate to describe the conjoined feelings of pride, humility and gratitude, to see the day that our band, LONGBOARD RANCH, would receive this kind of honor and distinction! Whether or not we actually win any of the awards, the remarkable thing to us, is having made a positive enough impression on others, to be recognized in such public fashion.

source: https://surfguitar101.com/news/story/141/